What is National Canadian Film Day?

RearingMountieSolo_completeApril 20, 2016 was National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) – an annual event held in communities all across the country to celebrate Canada through Canadian film. It’s a time to sit back in your seat, take off your toque, and have some FUN!

The inaugural National Canadian Film Day event, held on April 29, 2014, included screenings, events, panel discussions, social media engagement, and robust conversations about Canadian film across the country. The event was a huge success. We held 70 public and invitational events in 44 communities, garnered over 100 impressions in national media (from the CBC to the Globe and Mail), became a trending topic on Twitter AND were recognized in the House of Commons.

Last year was even bigger and better, with more than 170 screenings held across the country in every province and territory. There were broadcast offerings from every major broadcaster, free online offerings from CBC, NFB, CFC and CFMDC and a great deal of media coverage from the likes of the CTV, Global, CBC, etc., as well as print coverage across the the country. Not to mention trending on twitter Canada and a social media reach of 10 million!

National Canadian Film Day is presented by REEL CANADA and supported – without apology – by Cineplex, CBC and a host of film festivals, movie clubs, schools, broadcasters and industry organizations.

To learn more or get involved contact us at ncfd@reelcanada.ca or 416-642-5796 x214.

Why Are We Doing This?

NCFD-LOGO_profileBecause we make great movies, that’s why!

With a population the size of California’s living on a land mass the size of Russia, it’s not hard to see why it can sometimes be difficult for Canadians to get to know one another. The days of the CBC being one of three or four channels on TV are so behind us that most of you reading this have no idea what that reference even means.

Way back in the day, it was the railroad that tied us all together. Canada needs another kind of track for the 21st century, so REEL CANADA humbly suggests: Movies! It’s easier to watch a movie than take a train trip, and when it’s over you don’t have to find a hotel or deal with your luggage.